My friend Chu, who is also godmother to my daughter Maia, is leaving for Singapore in less than a month. A former colleague and friend Saro is also leaving for Singapore in a few weeks. They are merely two fish in the unending stream of talent swimming out into the sea of dollar-earning opportunity, who both believe that there is only hunger and frustration in store for them and their families here. They will join several friends and former colleagues who are already working in Singapore—Elyse and husband Cord, Lala, Edwin, Dexter and wife Sherlynn.

I’ve been to Singapore myself, if only for a few days. It seemed a frightfully expensive place to live in, in my opinion, but cleaner and more secure than Hong Kong. I suppose one would have to be offered at least 3 times his current salary here in the Philippines to even consider going.

I was chatting with Saro last night over Yahoo Messenger. He asked me if I had any plans of going to Singapore myself, but I told him what I do doesn’t require me to go abroad, all I need is a computer and an internet connection and I’m in business. I asked him if he was ready to live away from his family, and he said the pain of being away from his wife and two children will be easier to bear than the years of inadequate salaries from local employers and the frustration of being under a corrupt government.

In that case then I suppose Singapore is the place to go. Either there or Marikina. But that’s just my little (hee hee) analogy.

I told Saro that I was staying put, here. You know. Someone’s got to be here to welcome them back in case they decide to come home, in case that by some miraculous upheaval the Philippine government will no longer be corrupt and there will be jobs here for them again.

I would like to wish them good luck and as happy a time as they can have while being away from their families and friends in the Philippines.

Farewell to Chu and Saro

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