Kuya Maui and MaiaQuite a few things to be happy about today. I managed to go on a quick shopping trip with my both my babies, something that happens very rarely these days. It was a short uneventful trip to SM Sucat to pick up Kuya Maui’s school supplies, a few groceries, and take-away lunch for the father who stayed home to enjoy Father’s Day (actually Sam had to stay home to back up the guy who was fixing our roof).

It’s outings like these that make me realize how grown-up and responsible my kids have become. Maia stayed at the carpeted children’s playground in the middle of the hypermart just beside the baby clothes section, where there were slides and playhouses and a widescreen tv that showed Hi-5 and Dora the Explorer. She played with the other kids there under Kuya Maui’s watchful eye.

That freed me to do the grocery rounds on my own, quicker that way, and when it was time to line up at the checkout counter both were well behaved (Maia used to hate waiting for anything, just like her big brother). After checking out our goods it was time for a couple of quick dogs on sticks before yet another lineup at McDonalds for the take-away. And since were were there quite early in the morning, there were no lines at the taxi stand so it was a quick trip home.

Quite another thing to be happy about is I just realized that this, dear reader, is my 501st post! Not a big achievement for a blog that’s almost 4 years old, after all I did go into hiatus for a time (don’t remember why). But nevertheless yes, I’ve crossed the 500 line.


Hitting the big 501!

The Big 501!

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