Last time I wrote about a Friday night out was in June 2006, when the opportunity of photographing Gary Valenciano was the highlight of the evening. Somehow that makes it sound like I hardly ever get out. Actually I really don’t.

But when I do it’s usually to make up for all the uneventful nights.

Sam and Bambit in the City
Sam and me at TGI Fridays at the Glorietta in Makati

Sam and I had a post-Valentine’s dinner at Fridays at the Glorietta. Looks like a lifetime of post-valentines dinners for us, since Valentine’s day has been and will always be reserved for the Valentine’s Day birthday girl.

We had the Ceasar’s Salad, French Onion Soup, Tossed Tomato-Basil Chicken, and the enormous Fish in Tortilla Shell. They had a special on smoothies, order a flouted pitcher and you get a free bear. Bear. Not beer.

Bear drinking smoothie

The bear came in red and white stripes and black visor with the Fridays logo, and was as entertaining as our waiter Rey, who made sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal.

We almost didn’t make it to dinner actually, because Sam was in Ayala for the mass protest and I was stuck on foot in Buendia just past Paseo de Roxas, because the LRT Ayala bus I took from the office chickened out and turned into Buendia from EDSA. Without telling its passengers that it was going to do so.

When I did walk into the Glorietta to meet Sam by the children’s playground I was determined not to settle for a fast food joint. While we were walking around trying to find a good place, Pen Medina walked past us, raising his head to acknowledge Sam (they know each other by sight, I suppose, from all the rallies they’ve been to), and there I was elbowing my husband reminding him that Pen Medina was my all-time-favorite-pinoy-actor-and-crush and Sam goes “Oh sorry, Darling, I forgot” but it was too late, he was a kilometer away from us by then.

Which reminded me of another time I had let a photo op pass me by, this time it was at the lower ground level food court at the Powerplant. My co-worker Abi and I were looking for a good (read:affordable) place to eat when I saw Efren Bata Reyes and Francisco Django Bustamante sitting beside each other at Pho24, waiting for their order I suppose, and I although my jologness really wanted me to go over there and politely ask if I could have my picture taken with them on Abi’s 3.5 megapixel celphone camera, my katorpehan got the better of me.

Bear drinking smoothie
Tama na yan inuman na …

Friday Night Out – 2008

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