Bedroom FurnitureOne of my dreams is to be able to make enough moolah to give our bedroom an air of romance. Not that we don’t have enough romance going on, but I just think it would be nice to come home to comfortable yet classy bedroom furniture.

The house we live in was built in the late 60s, so I suppose modern bedroom furniture is out of the question. I prefer rounded edges and soft cushions and foam mattress and covers that can be removed, washed and replaced. I like cushions on chairs and sofas and even on the floor, although the dust pit where we live in keeps me from going all out on the fluffy stuff.

Contemporary bedroom furniture seems to be the answer, if only I’d be able to find pieces that will blend in with the high ceilings and the wide windows of the inner sanctum which we call our retreat.

Now if only finances weren’t an issue…

Furnishing the inner sanctum

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