A year ago I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to get paid for blogging. Then my friend Norman told me how he was blogging professionally for a notebook company (the paper kind, not the electronic kind), and I got some ideas myself. I scoured the internet for possibilities and found a few. I did research and wrote regularly for a client that paid handsomely, but then I got too busy at my real job and had to give it up. I tried a few forays into craigslist but none of that really got off the ground.

Then I found Smorty.

Smorty is a service that enables you to blog for money without compromising your opinion. You will be asked to write reviews on some products, yes, but most of the time you can write articles that express what you think about a certain product genre in general. The practice allows companies to advertise on blogs and thus beef up their search-ability in the search engines. This kind of blog advertising can either be very subtle or detailed, depending on what the advertiser requires.

There are always more than three offers available at any time so a blogger can choose the projects he wants. The only thing a blogger should adhere to is deadlines, and a clear understanding of the rules and requirements of the advertiser.

One of the best things about Smorty is they pay. They really do. Weekly. Into your Paypal account. I just got paid for the first blog post for Smorty, the first trickle of funds into my Paypal account. One of the best news to hit Internet enthusiasts is that Paypal is now available to Philippine-based users, and that we can now offload earnings deposited into Paypal into a Philippine bank account. So thanks to Smorty and Paypal, I have found a way to get paid to blog and to augment (even just a little bit, but every little bit helps) my financial (and blogging) needs.

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