I’ve written about this before, these bus evangelists who get on a passenger bus just like any other commuter, but when the bus is on its way, he/she stands up with a benediction from his handy bible and starts a homily.

I have the misfortune of running into these people at least once a week in my journeys to and from work, mostly from work, in the evening, when I’m tired and just want some quiet time on the 40-minute ride home, or just want to appreciate the mindless movie showing on the tv over the driver’s head. These days I’ve been cost cutting as well and been taking the non-aircon buses home which now cost what an air-conditioned ride used to cost a month ago.

The mobile evangelists like the non-aircon buses because they do not have t.v.’s or radios that they cannot compete with. What I do hate about these evangelists is they don’t give you a choice. Heck even God lets you choose — you can go to church on Sunday if you like but if you don’t want to that’s between you and Him. These bus evangelists force their sermons on you, AND to add insult to injury, ask you for donations when they’re done. I’ve had enough b.s. passed on to me at work, I certainly do not need any more from someone I do not know who takes my quiet minutes away from me.

Now if bus liners would attach an IQAir inside the vehicles and not allow these jokers on to disturb tired commuters, I would gladly pay extra.

God bless the commuter

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4 thoughts on “God bless the commuter

  1. I also see these evangelists every once in a while on New York’s subway trains. As Ceblogger said, you have to hand it to these people for their courage and faith. However, evangelists here don’t impose themselves on the commuters. Donations are purely voluntary.

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  2. actually ceblogger and panaderos, no match yang mga evangelists na yan sa mga bagong klaseng umaakyat ng bus. iba na ang spiel nila ngayon. one night on the way home we picked up this guy along pasay who began saying: “manghihingi lang po ako ng pera” in a brusque tone, continuing to say “mabuti nalang po yung manghingi kesa magnakaw.” I think he got a few pesos that way too.

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