I got this in my office email today, which made me raise an eyebrow. As head of web development for the company I work for I have subscribed to almost every feature that google has offered EXCEPT for adwords. But in my senility I thought maybe I did sign up for one sometime ago so what the heck I’d check it out anyway.

Google Adwords Phishing Scam

The good thing was I never click on a link in my email — I copy the entire URL and paste it on my browser instead. This was something I learned to do after the Metrobank phishing scam.

So instead of ending up at the REAL phishing url (see highlighted section above) that was masked by the URL in the email address, I ended up on the real Google Adwords login screen, which of course told me that I did not have an adwords account.

I googled for the first line of the email and sure enough, I found out that it IS a scam. Fortunately, though, the phishing destination URL is no longer active.

seopulse has more to say on the matter.

Google Adwords email scam

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One thought on “Google Adwords email scam

  1. Oh wow. I am also dubious about clicking on links especcially if it asks for account verification. But the link above looks legit kasi adwords.google.com! Thanks for this. I will be doubly cautious (to the point of paranoia? hehe) about these things.

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