Startling event of the day. No, not me losing 5 pounds according to the bathroom scale, although I wish it were true. A quick glance at my Google Toolbar turned into an icy stare.

My Google Page Rank (PR) has disappeared.

Where’d my page rank go?

At first I thought my Google Toolbar was broken. But a quick check of other sites proved that it still worked. El Nido Resorts, one of our clients at work, is still ranked at PR5; is still at PR3. But my PR3 had disappeared, and so has Sam’s PR4, according to the Google toolbar. The widgets that I had installed from Rankwidget and still state our PR’s as we know them, as does Lazarus over at Left Over Thoughts, who uses

This raises a bit of concern for me, as I have become a member of a few blog for pay sites, acceptance to which sometimes requires a Page Rank of at least 1.

I do hope that it’s just the Toolbar that’s malfunctioning, and if so what is causing it to do so. A bit of investigatory work has revealed that Google has been, for one reason or another, dealing out penalties to some websites. Visit Dustin Brewer’s site for his article about this. Another site points out that Yahoo Shows Why Google PageRank is Broken, citing Bill Slawski’s post Yahoo Replaces PageRank Assumptions with User Data.

If Google is handing out penalties again because of paid blogging that augurs a bleak future for bloggers like me who have only recently discovered a decent way to make money on the Internet. I’m not giving up my day job yet.

(edit: Feb 23 9:38pm)

It IS broken.

As if to tell me that Google PR is not the be-all/end-all of maintaining a blog, I ran into the Google Page Rank Victims Anonymous page. It has brought me back to reality. I like the third button from the top.

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Google Toolbar Page Rank Broken?

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4 thoughts on “Google Toolbar Page Rank Broken?

  1. my toolbar works fine.  I saw one site posting the latest google smackdown.  you still have your PR, while the others are not that fortunate.  I slowed down in my paid posts lately, and I’d be expecting a lower payout come March.  We’re still keeping our day job though. he he.

    Let’s keep on blogging, with or without PR.

  2. Come to think of it this may also be because I changed my permalink structure. But then again I submitted a newly generated sitemap to google webmasters tools immediately after the permalink revamp. Same thing for Sam’s blog.  I’d really rather this was the result of something I did than something that is beyond my control.

  3. and I thought that it was only me…I had just found that my page rank has become zero also! and I haven’t been putting up any paid post lately.

    this sucks.

  4. Hello Melissa, you remind me of one of my old bosses from way back. He is a brilliant artist, but not of the computer generation. He would create artwork for his ad agency in Cebu, in watercolor, and then pass it on to one of the digital artists to render on the computer.

    There’s two ways you can try to bring your PR back.

    1. Go into each and every post (that you’ve already been paid for) and insert the rel=nofollow tag on each paid outgoing link. If you do PPP give it up, you won’t be getting any ops with PR ziltch anyway.

    2. write to google webmasters. If you already have a gmail account you can use it to sign in to I did that for my hubby’s blog and it worked after a month. His PR4 was diminished to a PR3, but better than PRItlog diba.

    Thanks for the visit!

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