Of the numerous technicians, tech support specialists and programmers who have been a part of the company I work for, four are now in Dubai and seven are in Singapore. Greener pastures, they were looking for, either because they needed greener pastures, or the pastures needed them to feed. I don’t really understand why greener pastures never appealed to me that much. Maybe it’s because I’d always been in the greener pasture to begin with.

I’d like to call it optimism, a stick-to-it-ness that fosters loyalty and and almost family-like comfort even when you’re at work. So here I will stay, generating my end of month financial reporting, trying to think up more ways that I can sell our services to more people. I sit here, silently thankful that I don’t have to be the one who needs to go away, that I am one of the few who are actually happy that we are staying.

Besides it’s so much easier to sit and bash the government when you’re here in the middle of it all.

Half full the glass is half empty

Half full the glass is

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5 thoughts on “Half full the glass is

  1. Hi Mari, I suppose things change when one gets older. We’ve been through really tough times, my family and I, but even during those times talk about going abroad had always been part of daydreaming. Wouldn’t mind being able to take the kids to Disneyland, but the Pinas is where I’d always hang my @.

  2. little wonder i always gravitate to this site even though i don’t always leave comments. i’m one with you on this. never really been tempted despite knowing i can have better pay, better offers somewhere out of the confines of this archipelago. sure, i’d like to reach europe, africa and south america on adventure trips but not for work that will require me to stay out for so long.

  3. hi the caterpillar, you’d make a great vso volunteer, i think. something I’d like meself, but me faaaar too old for that stuff. come to think of it, why go out and help the poor of other countries when we got plenty here. the answer being, you get to travel while you’re helping. have you tried taking the train to bicol, btw? out of topic, but since we’ve mentioned traveling, that’s something i’ve been meaning to do.

  4. yup, going on a mission (with the adventures/experiences that come with it) has crossed my mind but i think i am not ready for the sacrifice. i got the momentary inspiration when i was reading julia campbell’s blog on her stint as a peace corps volunteer.

    train to bicol? yup, yup, that’s something i want to do, too. i’ve been telling my friends to take a ride on it with me… except that i proposed we’re going to take it on the way back, not in going there. now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe i should consider taking the train to bicol and experiencing the bus ride for the way back.

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