16 years ago today he was the one in the bassinet. I was separated from him for two years, and then he became my baby again when he was eight years old. It’s been eight years since he joined me here in Manila, and he was twelve when he became Kuya Maui. He dotes on his little sister, and lets her turn his bed into a trampoline when she wants to. He willingly shares his beloved chicken nuggets and fries with no one but her.

Kuya Maui and Maia

He prefers to stay at home and sit in front of his computer or read old issues of the National Geographic rather than hanging out at the mall. He likes plain comfortable cotton shirts regardless what brand they are (no prints, no happy colors), and he’s not particular what brand denims I buy him as long as they fit. He prefers Eskinol Master to blemish acne cream. He asks me to get him stuff only when he really needs them, not because everyone else has got one. He doesn’t have, nor want, a cellular phone.

Kuya Maui heading off to the PromHe does well in school. He was last year’s Junior Class Third Honors, and he raked in quite a bit of gold at the Private Schools Association of ParaΓ±aque academic contests. Of late, a couple of miscalculations have pushed him to make a few bad calls, but he’s suffered the consequences like a man.

He hasn’t revealed just what he will get into for college, but he has been convinced to take as many entrance exams as possible. He’s almost at the gates of the world as we know it, and if he can handle it as well as he does the world wide web, he’ll be ok.

Happy 16th birthday, Kuya Maui!

Happy Birthday Kuya Maui!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kuya Maui!

  1. Happy birthday to your dear son, Kuya Maui. He’s what every mother dreams of in a son… you are very lucky to have him and him, you. Can’t wait to have children of my own. Have a great weekend.

    ZJ’s last blog post: On Weight Loss Pills

  2. Hi ZJ, thanks very much — children are our anchors yet when the time comes we must give them wings. Love that Phuket shot you have, I can close my eyes and hear the waves. πŸ™‚

  3. mari, binata na beybi boy ko, ang dami na ng uban sa buhok ko at tumataba narin ako. what can i do hu hu hu … except try to figure out na kung related ba yung pag dami ng uban at pagtaba sa pagbibinata … hmmm

  4. belated happy birthday to maui! many, many happy returns!

    btw, with your description of maui, parang he’s like my husband R. la lang, thought of letting you know. πŸ™‚

    tin’s last blog post: Storming the Heavens

  5. hi tin, salamat salamat sa greet πŸ™‚ swerte ng nanay ni Ron πŸ˜€ menos gastos nung bata pa siya πŸ˜†

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