Happy Birthday!Just when you think we have the franchise on downturned smiles we give you a snap like this 🙂

This is Kuya Maui and me at our joint birthday lunch. Kuya’s birthday was on the 12th of July, mine will be on the 23rd. Maui had just turned 16, and I’m hitting the big 45. We decided on the weekend in the middle to celebrate. Just the family out to lunch at one of the best places to eat in town—Burgoo!

Actually lunch turned out to be a bit of a mess because Maia suddenly became claustrophobic and refused to stay inside the airconditioned area at the second floor of the Mall of Asia, so we ended up on the tables outside on the walkway. But even then that didn’t stop us from having a good meal and taking a few good pictures.

Before the meal

Happy Birthday Lunch
Birthday Lunch at Burgoo, MOA
Happy burp*day

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4 thoughts on “Happy burp*day

  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Maui and Advance Happy Birthday (pa din) to you. I will be back in a few days. 😀

    Glad to know that you and the family had a happy and fun time jointly celebrating two birthdays. 🙂

    Panaderos’s last blog post: A Long and Winding Road

  2. @ Panaderos, sa probinsya nga buong week sineselebrate ang birthday, me bisperas pa nga eh 🙂

    @ Mari, Burgoo (and its sister resto Gumbo) is top on our list of places to have a really good meal, along with TGI Fridays. Ang sarap talaga ng food at sulit din ang binabayad mo dahil sa laki ng serving.

    @ Tin, thank you thank you … and thank you 🙂

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