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4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. last week, i saw my boss threw away 3 keyboards. i asked him why he’s throwing them away. are they broken? you know what he said? they’re dirty! gawdddddddddddddd!!! lowlah!!! ipupulot kita ng dirty keyboard dito, labhan mo din? gusto mo? LOL!!!

  2. Amazing what a little soap and bleach and an old nail scrubbing brush and a few cotton buds can do.

    This is one of the things that had been lying forgotten in the garage (which does not have a car and now functions as a bodega for old/broken stuff). A couple of weekends back I had a bit of time on my hands (well, more than a bit you will need if you plan to do something like this).

    This is a Logitech Standard wired keyboard, and while most wired keyboards really do not cost much, I like the feel of the Logitech ones on my fingertips. Besides, buying a new keyboard is always costlier than taking a bit of time to mix up some dishwashing liquid and plucking the keys off the board and giving them a good soaking.

    Dioysa, sige ba, just throw them into one of those balikbayan boxes and send them over, samahan mo narin ng mouse , monitor tsaka cpu ha he he he. Do Korean keyboards come with the alternate keys that have Korean characters on them?

    bingskee, I had this listed on wordless wednesday but I didn’t know how to get the icon or maybe I had to make my own, really wasn’t sure.

    mari, pati yung board tsaka cord busilak na sa puti ngayon 😀

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