Off from work again tomorrow, to attend brother-in-law Rowley’s wedding. That’s two 4-day work weeks for me in a row (was out Friday last week too for something less auspicious but required time away from the office nevertheless). That is something that should appeal to a few House Representatives who are pushing for a 4-day work week for government offices. Yeah, right, like they didn’t have them already. Anyone who has made it a necessity (or a habit) to visit the house on Batasan Hills knows that Friday is a day of rest for most people there. And Saturday, and Sunday and Monday if there is no session, and so on …


But enough of the ranting about politcs, and more of the wishing I had a hi-def camcorder for occassions like this. Been spending more and more time behind the camera than in front of it, proof of which is Ate Beng now has more pictures with Maia than I do. Here’s the two of them at a co-worker’s celebration of his first daughter’s first birthday.

Behind the camera

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