A sort of tribute to the song which I remember best rendered by the late Karen Carpenter, which in Visayan colloquy has been expanded to include the phrase “libre bitaw” (it’s for free anyway), but in times when I know there are things that I would like for myself that are mere pipe dreams, I still do. Dream, that is.

I pasted a photo of a Land Rover on this blog last month, as one of my imaginary birthday gifts for Sam on his 41st. But I have a secret. I don’t want the Land Rover Defender for Sam. I want the Land Rover Defender for me.

Like, who wouldn’t want a car like that. I especially like the segments with the skydivers. No progesterone deficiency there, if you ask me. There’s another video about the latest Defender series, a more macho take on the definition of off-road. A hint about this video though, pause it when it starts and let the whole thing load before you watch it. Helps to understand the actor/narrator’s (I won’t dare to guess what) accent.

I can dream, can’t I

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