Never thought I’d see the day when I’d win anything — ANYTHING — on the internet. No, I did not win a gazillion dollars for my bank account, but something that can mean a lot of interesting visits across the blogosphere.

2000 Entrecard Credits!I won 2000 Entrecard Credits! I had blogged about the new features available at Entrecard, which among others include the consolidation of multiple blogs into one account, their e-book Say Hello to the Blogosphere!, and using the RSS feed for the Top Ten droppers on my blog.

This morning I got a short but really sweet email saying I’ve won 2000 EC Credits and sure enough when I checked my Dashboard, there they were! I had all but depleted my credits when I went on an ad-buying spree the other day, but now I have 2000 EC Credits!


I won! I won!

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6 thoughts on “I won! I won!

  1. Wooooooooooooowwww !!!

    That’s soooo amfufu ! 🙂 Congratulations ! (with a hint of envy.. ahem! LOL)

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my site and also for the comment.. 🙂

    Regarding PPP, I really have no answer for that as I have just signed up 2 days ago.

    Did your husband manage to secure the promotional $20.00 on his first PPP blog ?

    amfufu’s last blog post: PayPerPost: Get Paid to Blog!

  2. @ amfufu my husband did get the promotional $20 plus 20 more for the two 10$ posts he made before his PR went pffft. A month after he got paid for everything we put in no-follow links on all the ppp posts but kept the posts themselves online. then I wrote a real tearjerker (*joke*) to google webmasters and begged them to bring back his PR. Which they did, sort of, from PR4 to PR0 and back again to PR3. He’s never written for ppp again.

  3. @ Paula i was actually so excited this morning — like i said i’ve never won anything, this is a first and its such fun and I still haven’t decided on what to do with the credits, i’m sort of just looking at them sitting there nicely on my dashboard


  4. eyy JimboyPogi, thanks for the link and the visit. and if I trust my luck i’m probably never going to win anything else in the next ten years.


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