Death by Tablea

Photo taken at the display case at Chocolat, Mall of Asia, with my old phone that does not do justice to the cake. Will take a better picture once I’m poised to take a bite.

If I die … this is what I want the autopsy to say

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6 thoughts on “If I die … this is what I want the autopsy to say

  1. i love all the cakes in this shop. all of them. my batchmates and i would go to MOA just to get those things. sinful chocolate yumyums. the cheesecake’s good, too, but i usually have the carrot cake or the hazelnut one. 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha, I wouldn’t mind that either!

    Thanks for the greeting on my gift widget. That was fun, ‘no? Hope to see you guys again soon.

  3. Panaderos, as long as there’s more of this cake in the afterlife, game ako!

    dr_clairebear thanks for the tip. now I know more ways of getting sugar in my system nyahaha

    Yo Maria! If I die, I shall die well fed. (paraphrasing the character Jean Villeneuve in “The Patriot”)

    Tin bet it’d be yummier if I actually ate one, di bale, malapit na sweldo. Either I buy Sam a slice or he buys me one, mamili siya. Oh and I used to bake bread, looong time ago. I even attempted chocolate cake. The oven I have now is no good for baking


    Hilda! belated many happy returns and who knows, baka merong taga ritong mag-aral jan banda sa inyo when the time comes so we will see each other soon.

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