Venue: Marina Seafood Restaurant, Boom na Boom, Pasay City
Date: December 20 2008
Time: 6pm to sawa
Participants: the entire I3 Family except for Gilbert and Rey (in FRC-MAS), Diom (home in Biliran), and Jazz (MIA)

THE highlight of tonight’s Christmas party is this dance. Everything else paled in comparison.

Cris and Vikki Gaerlan

That’s me and Sam in one of the moments when I wasn’t walking around taking pictures of everyone else.


This is the I3 WebTeam: Louie, Me and Athan.

Blair Duncan and Vikki Gaerlan

My boss Blair Duncan, and me.


One of the parlor games, where the girls were blindfolded and had to find all the clothespins on their partner, first one who does wins.

maria went to town

It’s not difficult to tell who’s the more experienced with make up.

Lots of fun. Happy holidays, everyone!

Imaginet Xmas Party 2008

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