Charlton Heston, 84

Charlton Heston as Moses and as NRA President

I first knew him as Moses, then as Ben Hur and El Cid, and as Astronaut George Taylor in Planet of the Apes (the original one, not the one with Mark Whalberg, although he did play a cameo on that one didn’t he).

As a kid all I knew of him was that he was an actor who played characters from history, larger than life. As a child who knew nothing of what went behind the scenes of Hollywood, and of the politics that ran the country it was in, I had no idea of who Charlton Heston, the man, was.

As it will well remain. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

In lieu of flowers

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4 thoughts on “In lieu of flowers

  1. The Man who played Moses, Ben-Hur, George Taylor, and US President Andrew Jackson is gone. One of the last of the Hollywood icons during the heyday of Hollywood’s studio system. They’re slowly passing one by one. Richard Widmark passed away last week at 94.

  2. Laarni, RIP indeed. His life may have been more tumultuous than that of Moses himself.

    Panaderos, sino nalang ba natira sa generation nila? Kirk Douglas may be the only one left alive and yes even kicking. Jack Palance is still around I think. I think Charlton Heston was the only one left from the main cast of The Ten Commandments.

  3. Bambit,

    Yes, Kirk Douglas is still around. Sadly, Jack Palance has passed away too. He died about a year or two ago. That guy had a great voice. Sidney Poitier and Karl Malden are still around. Among the ladies, Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland are both still around. (They’re sisters.) Deborah Kerr (“Affair to Remember”) died recently due to Parkinsons. Ang lungkot din, ‘no? The greats are all passing one by one.

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