Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTThe family owns a simple Kodak EasyShare CX7330, bought in Manila in 2004 when Maia was not quite a year old. Not exactly the best digital camera, but for the purpose of documenting a little girl’s growth and the family’s exodus to Mindanao, 3.1 megapixels wasn’t bad at all. It’s got several settings, action, night, landscape and closeup, and can zoom quite reasonably for what we needed so far.

But as technology advanced in the field of digital photography, diversification made the discerning amateur photographer insist on the best travel digital camera, or the best wide angle digital camera. And in addition to reading the literature, buyers also rely on experienced user opinion and feedback. While there may be no doubt that the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT may be the the best in all aspects of digital photography, for some it may be too deep a dig in the pocket. I know it is for mine.

Still it’s good to know that there are places we can go to to help us decide on that ultimate digital camera purchase. The links provided above may even help you. I may not be able to afford the EOS (for now) but at least I know of a few good alternatives.

In search of the best digital camera

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