All these blogs I started because I was trying out the various options available to bloggers back in 2004/05. Sam and I ran blogs in blogspot in 2004 before getting our own domain and host early in 2005. I tried late in 2005 as well as other free wordpress hosts just to find out what they were all about. I even started one in blogsome but that never got off the ground. I just spent an hour retrieving passwords to these accounts, wondering which emails I had used to sign up on them.

But my best find for tonight was the December 2005 post I made on Accidental Geek, something I found on PingMag that laid out in humorous detail The Website Development Process.

The Website Development Process

As it is what I do for a living (since 1997) I am torn between “oh isn’t that the cutest thing” and “why didn’t I think of that”. The PingMag post has been viewed over 2000 times and to date has 240 comments. The author of the post has graciously put high resolution versions of the photos on a flickr account. My personal favorite is Step 4, after having experienced the frustration innumerable times as both manager and developer.

Planning the content - from PingMag

I honestly don’t know what I should do with these other blogs, I can’t even begin to imagine the time I would need to maintain them all. How I wish I had the cephalopodic dexterity of wats0n, who can maintain five (5) blogs with nary a hiccup.

It’s all coming back to me now

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8 thoughts on “It’s all coming back to me now

  1. all in all, i have 6 blogs. I buried two of them, while resurrecting some of the posts to the new blogs. I guess i have to do niche blogging in some of my blogs.


  2. I’m new to blogging, having just started this year. For now, it’s hard for me to imagine maintaining 4 blogs when I feel like I already have my hands full with one. Haha

    My blog is currently on blogspot. I tried setting one up on WordPress about a month ago but I still need to sort out the mechanics. I’d also be interested to find out how my blog would evolve in the coming months/years God willing.

  3. Hi Bambit! I hope your readers won’t think that I do nothing else but blog! hahaha. When I started blogging thru blogspot, I had three blogs. I did try to simplify matters by consolidating everything last year but it did not work out. For one thing, I missed my Baguio blog because through it I was able to reunite with classmates from high school, college, and even my wife had an occasional inquiry about their small town of Dolores. Though it did not have as many guests as the main blog, Baguio-Quezon felt more personal. And so I revived that blog, and did the same with my photo blog, and then the food blog arrived. Some things take a life all their own, and in these times all we can do is listen and follow. Ang drama ba, Bambit? hehehe.

    I’ll check out the article you mentioned here. Looks interesting; over 200 guests can’t be wrong! 🙂

  4. i think i posted 3 comments here prior to this one. I don’t know why I couldn’t find them here. Na ban ba kaha ko no?

    I first started blogging in march 06. I opened two blogs, but i let go of the other one mid last year. i buried that blog and opened a new one in October resurrecting some of the entries. I also opened another one for my poems and short stories. Then lately, my own dotcom.

  5. Hi Panaderos, I guess it was because I was more concerned about the technical aspects of blogging at the time that I started that many blogs. I should have known better (but now i do? that remains to be seen).

    Major Tom, I just discovered something about your blog that i’d like to write about—the way you’ve chronicled your themes as you change them! Now that’s really something in the realm of “why didn’t I think of that!”

    Watson, ok lang magdrama, me ipapakita naman eh, o diba.

  6. 4 of my comments didn’t go through here. I dont’ know why. So this is my new blog where I applied your permalink guide. Thanks for sharing. (laz)


  7. Yo Laz! sorry kaayo bai, I hadn’t been looking through my spam list lately—no idea why you ended up there—but here you go. This niche blogging thing is also something I should look at, but I haven’t decided on what I’d be really good at, kay morag jack-of-all-trades, master of none man ko 🙁

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