Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales gives a whole new meaning to prayer. This movie has been remixed, so if you saw it yesterday, try clicking on it again.

DOJ to Hultmans: File your appeal before ‘Jesus Christ’
10/08/2008 | 08:40 PM
MANILA, Philippines

File your complaint before “Jesus Christ.”

This was the advice of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez to the family of Maureen Hultman and those who have any objection to the executive clemency granted by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to convicted murderer Claudio Teehankee Jr.

Teehankee was convicted in 1992 of murder for the death of Maureen Hultman, then 17 years old; of homicide for the death of Roland John Chapman, 21; and of frustrated murder for the wounding of Jussi Leino, 24.

But he had been locked in jail since July 24, 1991, two weeks after the sensational crime took place on July 13, 1991 at the plush Dasmari?as Village in Makati City.

In an interview with the reporters on Wednesday, Gonzales was asked where those who are objecting to the release may file their appeal and he answered: “Kay Jesus Christ.”

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The previous version of the short video I made elicited a comment from one of the people who viewed it.

joycecatomas: “best friend kc kayo ni tehankee jr or i bet boyfriend mo”

I answered that comment in the new version of the video on Youtube, so I won’t reproduce that comment here, because I really, honestly, hate stating the obvious.

I mean, rather than making a video about the victims (because in truth, no one—NO ONE—can even come close to imagining the horror and torment they have gone through and are again now going through with the release of this convicted murderer), I would rather make a few targets for practicing assassins.

O diba.

Jesus H. Christ! (Updated)

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