The new Kenny Rogers (now kenny’s roast & grill) at the Powerplant Mall, amidst the steel buildings of the Rockwell Centre may be impressive, but all it is the same food repackaged to a more expensive look. Some of the food that we got used to in their previous incarnation are no longer there, like the spaghetti and chicken tenders combination.

My co-workers and I had lunch there today, and to be fair the food was good, but prices have jacked up at least 50%. While in the old Kenny Rogers setup you could have a meal for less than P100, the new kenny’s roast & grill requires that you have at least P150 for lunch, if you don’t order soft drinks. Why?

They got rid of the dispenser type softdrinks and sell purely in cans at P60 each! While kenny’s roast & grill Powerplant may have succeeded in upping its clientele to the A crowd, they have almost certainly alienated the working class, more of whom are at the Powerplant for lunch rather than their targeted A crowd.

The kicker for the day was when my co-workers and I had already paid our bill and were just waiting for our change, a waitress (the one with short cropped hair) came to us with nary an “excuse me” and said “Mam, nagbayad na ba kayo?” (Ma’am have you already paid?) When we said yes, she followed up with “Magkano binayad nyo?” (How much did you pay?) This exchange made kenny’s roast & grill Powerplant look like a carinderia to me rather than the posh resto it is trying to project itself as. My co-workers and I stood up and vowed never to eat there again.

Moral of the story: Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is.

Impressive? Not!!!

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