This YouTube video from C|Net pretty much covers the basic information about HDMI, heretofore unknown to me, accidental geek still living in a cave when it comes to High Definition appliances.

I do get to download my favorite TV shows in HD5 but I watch them on either a regular flat screen tv after I’ve burnt them on to DVD’s or on my laptop, if the line to the DVD burner is too long (my daughter gets first dibs on everything). I’ve got all my CSI:Miami episodes in HDMI as well as my latest obsession, Moonlight. The latter one airs on AXN Beyond on Wednesday nights at 10, but I hear it’s been cancelled after the 17th episode. But no matter, I have my torrents lined up till EP17 and I suppose when it finishes downloading and I’ve compiled everything into DVD and watched the whole thing from EP01 to the last one, I’ll cry.

Know your HDMI

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