The computer, boon and bane of my middle age, has not only taken away my ability to write legibly, it has also made me forget about adequate lighting. These days, adequate lighting for me is the one that comes on when I hit the Fn and PgUp keys on my office-issue IBM T43.

reading in bedAlong with forgetting about desk lamps and the need to actually see where I’m going, the computer has also made me forget how to read a book. Not an eBook, but one made of ink and paper and glue. The last piece of reading material I bought was a Reader’s Digest December Issue in Christmas of 2007 and I still haven’t read it from cover to cover, the way I did when I was younger and had all the time in the world and NO computer.

It’s only a matter of discipline, you might tell me. I really shouldn’t bring the darn laptop home after working on it the entire day, only to work some more on it in the evening. I should find a book that I know I would really like, one from my list of favorite authors, and then curl up in bed with it, turn on the house of troy lighting and start reading.

Which reminds me. I need new glasses.

Learning how to read again

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