Sony Ericsson P910iThe awful thing about life is that it’s not fair.

I mean really, here I am, Internet denizen, gadget freak and esrtwhile gamer (though I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve sat down with Kenji in Battle Realms) but without the wherewithal to satisfy my techie cravings.

Case in point. My Sony Ericsson P910i, bought late in 2005 from then co-worker Ejay who had used it for barely two months, is still the phone I am using till today. Never mind that it’s been eclipsed by the P990 and the P1 and the more recent X1, my P910i is probably the most expensive thing I had ever bought for myself. So, when it came to a choice between buying an mp3 player for myself and an upgrade for the P910i’s memory, I chose to go with the latter.

So off I went traipsing along the 2nd level veranda at the Mall of Asia where the cell phone shops and computer products outlets were, to look at a few memory cards. No sooner than I had found an affordable one that I was told by not just one technician but by all of them in all the stores I eventually inquired at, that my poor P910i, left behind by the times, cannot accommodate a Memory Stick Duo higher than 512mb. They said it may run on 1GB, but it will eventually break the phone.

And so here I am still with my P910i, relics both we are. It still takes pretty good outdoor pics at 640 * 480 pixels — kinda reminds you of your old Windows 95 wallpapers, doesn’t it.

Left behind

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