When the price of gasoline can cost you an arm and a leg, thus making you virtually paralized, the wisdom of even having a car becomes debatable. Mobility versus budget. Even looking at auto insurance quotes become a luxury when you know that you’re never going to take the car out of the garage ever again, at least not while unleaded is at P48 a litre.

I remember an incident way back in my childhood (circa 1970s). I lived with my aunt on a street parallel to A. Bonifacio in Quezon City, and she drove her own car to work and back and me to school as well. I was her navigator. We had a suki gas station couple of blocks away from the house. Every Saturday morning we’d drive into that gas station and my aunt would say to the gas boy “15 liters, please” and pay around P10 (if my memory serves me right).

One particular Saturday when we drove into that gas station a new pump boy served us. For some reason he misheard the “kinse litros” as “full tank” and therefore pumped the Ford Taunus to the brim. My aunt was handed a bill for P50. She was livid.

The manager, who knew us after years and years of custom proposed that my aunt could pay the bill in 4 installments.

Everytime I remember that incident and considering gas prices today I can’t help but smile.

Life’s a Gas

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