Her name is Madonna Decena and she is singing for her kids.

The show is called Britain’s Got Talent (American Idol in one of its various incarnations). There’s over thirty videos of her performance on YouTube, but I found this one to load the fastest, probably because its one of the later ones, and there were too many people downloading the older ones.

This Madonna rocks!

Listen to this lady and weep

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5 thoughts on “Listen to this lady and weep

  1. nakakainis ka bambit ha, naiyak ako 😀

    just finished my lunch and clicked the YT link. she’s absolutely awesome!

  2. This lady is awesome. I admire her for her strength of character and determination in spite of the curved balls life had thrown her.

    I truly hope she wins. And even if not, I’m pretty sure that her participation in this contest will certainly open a number of doors for her.

  3. Tin just make sure that when you’re ready to watch it me baon kang twalya 🙂

    sis Mari i’ve been watching it every day in the morning, para akong naghilamos ng luha every time.

  4. Panaderos, I agree. What’s more poignant about Madonna Decena’s story is that it reflects the sentiments of all mothers who have had to leave their kids behind to work far away from home to be able to provide for a better future for their children. I think that’s why Madonna strikes a chord in any mother’s heart.

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