Siopao at Mami sa Ma Mon Luk Quiapo

Our table at Ma Mon Luk
Basta special, me itlog.

I really have to write about the origins of that statement above sometime, before I grow old and forget about it. It has nothing to do with where Sam and I went today though, on this rainy Thursday afternoon. I had long wanted to take a leisurely walk down Raon Street, haven for do-it-yourself’ers and handymen. I needed to purchase two simple tools: a set of hex keys (Allen wrenches) and a rubber dust blower. The Allen wrench I needed to be able to open up the old HP scanner/fax/printer we have at home so I can clean up the underside of the glass bed. The rubber dust blower I needed to clean in between the keys of the office-issue T43 (pre-owned by some smoker who shall not be named).

Ma Mon Luk diners

And since we were in Quiapo we just had to drop in on Ma Mon Luk. Last time we were here was in October of 2005. The special mami and special siopao meal is something worth dying for on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

Airsoft Helmets and Masks

While we did find both blower and wrenches after a long and winding trek through puddles and occasional rain, I also found out where to get stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t even dream of getting, like the airsoft helmets and masks above. No I didn’t get any of those.

Ma Mon Luk!

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7 thoughts on “Ma Mon Luk!

  1. How I miss this place. I used to be a frequent customer at their Cubao branch (Aurora Boulevard). I don’t know if that particular branch is still around. I’ve also been to the one across the street from UST. This place has indeed become a Filipino institution.

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  2. SIOPAO! yep, that’s the way to write the word when you have siopao sa Ma Mon Luk. Di katulad ng ibang siopao, ang SIOPAO ng Ma Mon Luk ay siksik sa pinakamasarap na laman. Yum. YUM! sa katakawan ko nga naubos ko na yung mami, inumpisahan ko pa yung SIOPAO. ayun, di ko naubos, so pinabalot ko. nung ininit ko pagdating sa bahay, MASARAP PARIN!


  3. Hello Tin and C!

    sarap nga ng pansit pag umuulan and it’s heaven when it’s as good as Ma Mon Luk.

    kung pwede ko nga lang kayong padalhan nito at mainit pa pagdating jan … woulnd’t that be nice?


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