Another means to make money with your blog is here. It’s called Bloggerwave.

I signed up for Bloggerwave after I saw it listed as one of the top 10 sites that can help me monetize my blog. I liked the honesty by which jobs were identified with the image that you see at the end of this post. I also liked the ease by which I managed to join the program. I simply filled up the very short form and submmitted my site. I received an acknowledgment of my registration immediately after I signed up, and exactly seven days later came the approval email.

Thank you Bloggerwave for expanding my options.

Make money the Bloggerwave way

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2 thoughts on “Make money the Bloggerwave way

  1. Hi ruth, it’s March 19 2008. Just got my first paycheck from bloggerwave. Only thing is there seems to be no more jobs available in the queue.


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