There’s always something new to be learned, no matter how busy or hassled or plain pissed off I am. In the past week I’ve learned quite a few things professionally and personally, I feel I should write them down just so I won’t forget the next time I am busy or hassled or plain pissed off.

Good things. Microsoft Virtual PC. With Virtual PC 2007 SP1 I have managed to install Windows Vista Business Edition complete with Office 2007 as a virtual machine inside this laptop running on WinXp. This is in preparation for my two-week trip down to Masbate next month, to teach school teachers and a few select students how to use the desktops that they will be getting for free as part of our client’s corporate social responsibility project. I’m really looking forward to this trip: two weeks ago it was just a proposal, but now we’ve got the go-ahead and have started on the actual preparations.

I have also managed to setup Ubuntu 8.04 with Virtual PC on this same laptop, and after that the Xampp server so I can install my Joomla! test sites and have them working exactly the way they would be as on a live server. That is always useful for client presentations, tons faster than if I did it online. One thing I have discovered recently is most big companies have tons of restrictions when it comes to browsing. Having a few sample sites on the go can be quite useful when I need to make a presentation to such a company. Running Joomla! on Linux has the advantage of enabling SEF URLs, which is not possible on a Wamp Sever/Windows environment.

We’ve also found a replacement for the guy who left. While not a newbie to the game, this guy we found turned out to be a real fast learner and has managed to fit right into the group. Thank heavens for that. We’re looking into adding one more by the end of the year, on the assistant management side, because if my Masbate trip turns out to be a success other trips to other places may be in my schedule soon. I will need someone to mind the phone and answer fussy clients who wanted one thing yesterday and a completely different thing today.

Bad things. I just find it disappointing (for lack of a better word) that some people think it’s ok to ruin everyone else’s day just because theirs sucks. You probably know the type—guy who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe didn’t get to sleep on the bed at all, wakes up with a bad hair day and then proceeds to chop of everyone else’s head in the course of the day. I hear it actually makes them feel better to see people around them feeling more miserable than they do. Personally I don’t like miserable people around me. It makes one’s productivity suffer.

So when someone does something to eff up my day just because he effed up his own day, now that really pisses me off. I usually let out an expletive or two, usually in incoherent hanging clauses while I’m hidden behind my monitor. But these days I guess I’ve just grown too old to pick a fight. Instead of replying to a stupid email blaming me for inactivity, loss of business, the general traffic situation on EDSA and the deteriorating Philippine economy, I just take the last batch of instructions from this finicky client and imagine all sorts of ways that I can shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

Good times, bad times, gimme some of that

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  1. I watched the movie last night from my ipod… take note, back to back with the Music and Lyrics movie…. hehehe

    Pierce Brosnan’s singing was not that bad….though, who would have thought James Bond singing and dancing….di ba?

    Thanks for the movie “supply”…..

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