Horatio CaineI haven’t been downloading any movies lately and certainly not any of my favorite CSI:Miami Season 6 episodes. Been busy with work and more work and keeping the bandwidth at home at optimum performance meant no large downloads, after all four of us share this connection.

I’ve always liked CSI:Miami. Some CSI afficionados may think the original CSI show, based in Vegas, is the best. But I watch television to be entertained, and watching CSI: Miami’s bright beaches and upbeat pace sure beats sitting in a Vegas hotel and walking in dimly lit streets at night.

Although CSI: Miami was one of the many television shows hit by the writers strike, it’s good to know that Horatio and the Miami Dade team will be back next month. I’ve got my trigger finger (err, I meant mouse finger) ready on the torrent button.

Missing Horatio

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