Baclaran is the place where practical shoppers go for really serious shopping. Second only to Divisoria, Baclaran has been and probably will always be the biggest “mall” where one can find anything from infant’s clothing, maternity clothes, school uniforms, office attire and everything else that go with such items. Walk the length of Baclaran and you will find everything you need to build and furnish a house, go camping, assemble a cold-weather wardrobe, and get your god-child something fun for his birthday. And you won’t even have to beef up your budget to do so.

For example, Kuya Maui and I managed to get three uniform polo shirts, with three matching kamiseta, three uniform blouses for Maia plus material for two pleated uniform skirts, and two white Blue Corner tshirts tripleXL size, all for a little over one thousand pesos. A visit to an ukay (imported second hand) shop yielded two very nice rain weather jackets, each under three hundred. Some people may say that’s still on the expensive side for ukay, but then one thing I haven’t really mastered after all this time is the politic art of haggling.

My Baclaran

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