I can only make a list such as this when December comes near, as it is the only time when I have the wherewithal to fulfill them, and then again, usually not all of them get fulfilled for one reason or another.

Nevertheless this is this year’s list:

1. Fix the faucet over the washbasin in the bathroom. It would be nice to wash just my face and not end up taking a bath. That’s what happens when I use the shower closet faucet instead of the washbasin faucet because it’s broken.

2. Fix the kitchen drainage system. We’re running out of plastic coke bottle tops (the ones you can cut off and presto! An instant funnel to keep the pipe under the sink in line with the drain on the sink.

3. Fix the gutters in the “office” once and for all. The gutters are currently a skylight, offering a great view of the neighbors’s second floor windows, and functions as an amplifier when they hold their payday sing-along sessions.

4. Buy several sets of bedsheets and pillowcases, so that each bed in each bedroom can dress up for Christmas (and the next three years).

I will be adding to this list as I think of more stuff in the house to remedy this December. More likely than not I’ll probably end up with a list longer than I can afford.

But that’s ok, I’m hoping maybe Santa reads my blog this year. 🙂

My Christmas season todo list

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