Frankly, there are a lot of bad SmartBro reviews out there, some of them so bad that a potential client would say “never mind” or “no way”. But we have been on SmartBro’s Plan 999 (Canopy) for more than a year now and let me say first off that some of the horror stories you may read about may actually be true, but they have never happened to me.

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Our SmartBro was installed on April 14, 2007. During the first three months I admit there were problems. Slow, sometimes intermittent connections, but after the tech support guys ironed those out our connection went on without a hitch. There was that time when a typhoon knocked the canopy down, and the other time when the enormous neighborhood stray cats who run across our roofs like they were in Le Mans did the same thing. Both times, 24 hours after I made the call to SmartBro support the contractors came and brought it back up. The cat incident even damaged the antenna and they replaced it with no charge. That’s a pretty good coverage for circumstances beyond our control.

This is the speed test result I get from, choosing the Makati Server (PLDT) as my testing point.

This is the result when I use the Quezon City server (BayanTel) as the testing point.

In my opinion, the results are not bad, if you are a personal user with a couple of kids, a yaya, and a husband who are all Internet junkies.

I have recommended SmartBro to my friends who live in places that are otherwise not reached by landline DSL’s. The wait time from application and initial payment to the day of installation is practically nil. I admit some of their call center agents need a bit more training on how to reply to network-savvy clients, those who will not be put off by gobbledygook they read off their standard replies sheet. But other than a couple of false alarms and one or two actual mistakes on my end, I have never had a problem with them.

So if you’ve arrived on this page while looking for advice on whether to get SmartBro or not, I’d suggest you do. Just make sure that you are in direct line of sight with the nearest Base Station (no trees or buildings in the way), and that you provide the installer guys with a solid platform on which to attach the canopy and you’ll be OK.

My SmartBro

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