As small and medium scale offices slowly work their way towards connectivity and security, the main concern still is and for a long time will be, cost. A start-up office can have two or more computers, but only one of them will have an internet connection, for want of a router and switch. Those that are networked through a router and switch however may not have a firewall, for the simple fact that no one had realized the need for it.

3rd world networkingAs a result, an office that is just starting up is an open gate to all things malicious on the internet, because while they can afford to have at least a DSL connection, they cannot afford the necessary protection, may it be hardware or software. As a consequence, the purchase of these necessary appliances are forgone, the need for them dismissed with the words “We can’t afford them.” Or cheaper versions of appliances such as 3COM, Cisco and HP are purchased, without thinking that while these alternative versions are affordable, they become more expensive in the long run because they have a shorter lifespan compared to that of the leading and well-established brands.

But if one looked hard enough, it is possible to have the best networking and security software for a startup office. Refurbishsed switches and routers, firewall appliances and security products may be the answer for the network administrator who is handicapped by a small budget but needs to come up with the best security possible. He can either rent or lease new and refurbished hardware at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy the same branded appliances from HP, Juniper, Avaya or Cisco manufacturer’s distributors.

Renting or leasing brand name appliances buys the small office enough budget time to eventually decide on an outright purchase, while being on the same level of performance and protection. It enables them to function on a level at par with major league networks as well as be protected from the dangers that come with a broadband internet connection. And a networking equipment supplier that caters to these needs, one that knows that listening to their customers is actually more important than just selling to them, is obviously on the right track.

Networking and Connectivity in the Third World

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