I remember an old uncle who, when asked why he doesn’t read newspapers, replied: “Eh puro kasinungalingan lang naman ang nakasulat dyan bakit ko pa babasahin?” (“What is written there are all lies so why should I bother?”) This was said in the context of the Marcos era, when newspapers were in the government’s control and there was really nothing in the papers that you could believe, save for the indelible (at the time anyway) that FM was in power.

This cocooning technique has become useful for me as well. I mean why increase my stress levels by reading (or watching the news) about people and things I don’t want to read about?


I choose not to be bombarded by advertisements about shampoo and long hair because I have close cropped hair and most of that hair on the page is computer enhanced anyway. I don’t particularly relish being updated about which latest squeeze of which up and coming (or aging, whatever) actor is pregnant or with someone else. I choose not to be buried in dripping burgers and jelly desserts and all these other chemical laced health drinks that advertisers tell me are good for my kids. Yeah, right.

I also do not care reading about people that I personally know are heartless. They may be popular, talented, even prize-winning. But when I personally know that that man/woman/earthly being does not have heart, then I refuse to allow even a minute of my time to be wasted hearing someone else extolling their greatness.

So pardon me when you see me tuning out. I may have lost control over a lot of things in my life, but this are still my fingers thumbing through the papers, my fingers on the remote and my paycheck (flimsy though it may be) keeping the cable company and ISP happy.

I will read/watch/listen to what I want, thank you.

No news is good news

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One thought on “No news is good news

  1. Great post. I also tune stuff out when I watch the news on tv. I also avoid news articles on topics, people, and issues I hardly care about. As far as Philippine news are concerned, I avoid reading about Senate subcommittee hearings that focus on the scandals. Nothing substantial or of consequence come out of those hearings anyway so why bother?

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