It is unfortunate that while the furor from the MMDA Chairman’s insistence of the absence of a speed limit on EDSA had hardly abated, the tragedy that befell Dr. Francisco Sarabia has punctuated Bayani Fernando’s statement with a fiery exclamation point.

But while bus drivers who think they’re in the Indianapolis 500 can be blamed on the MMDA Chairman’s reckless statement, made during the budget hearings in Congress last month, it cannot be denied that there are drivers who have been speeding and swerving on EDSA and other avenues of the city way for a long time now.

I have blogged about why I do not patronize the Jayross Lucky 7 bus lines, which is because of their drivers who do not seem to give a hoot about their passengers safety. There are other buses lately that seem to have acquired the same arrogance that the Jayross bus drivers have. Drivers who seem to think they’re driving Maserati’s instead of King-Long’s.

And as a commuter hanging on for dear life, you really cannot do much except hang on for dear life. Make a comment that the driver can hear and he will tell you that we’re all just trying to make a living, or if you don’t fancy his driving style you can just get off, or some such rejoinder. You can only wish that he will slow down the vehicle long enough at your stop for you to get off shaken but in one piece.

And so after the Sarabia tragedy, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando now says there is a Study on Edsa speed limit now underway. Angelito Vergel de Dios, MMDA Traffic Operations Executive Director, says the Organized Bus Route System is well under way.

Must there always be a tragedy before measures are taken to ensure safety? Apparently in this society, the answer is yes.

No speed limit

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