http://www.promopeddler.comI have always been of the opinion that corporate gifts should be useful, something the recipient can use everyday until it wears out or breaks, or better yet something that, with adequate care, will not break at all. This is always preferred by most recipients, myself included. Promotional items must always have a practical reason for being. Usefulness always outweighs (and outlives) novelty.

This may spell the difference between the branded pen and the branded lanyard. Each may both advertise your products, but the pen is more likely to break than the lanyard, and the pen will definitely run out of ink before the lanyard breaks, and the lanyard is more visible when it is worn around the neck compared to the pen which is kept in a pocket or in a bag.

http://www.promopeddler.comIn the corporate setting, promotional products may be allocated according to the recipients’ business type. Mugs may be more welcome than USB drives in an office that is not focused on the use of computers. The usefulness of a USB hub is lost in an office that does not have any practical use for it. There are universal gifts such as umbrellas and caps, useful as the weather calls for them.

Some companies go for the easy way out when choosing promotional items to help memory recall for touting their products. It’s the discerning company that goes with the best ideas for keeping their products embedded in their audiences’ consciousness.

Novelty vs. Usefulness

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One thought on “Novelty vs. Usefulness

  1. I completely agree that corporate gifts should be useful, but I have one more distinguishing characteristic to add: it should also be novel, or unique. Look at any poor tradeshow junkie at the end of the week, dragging a briefcase full of business cards and brochures. Sure, these guys grab for the free stuff (most of which is, well, junk), but when they get home, do they truly appreciate or use the gear? Or is it unceremoniously bequeathed to a grade-school child?

    A promotional item should not merely be a logo imprinted on any piece of junk. If that was the case, we would have stuck to business cards. It should be something which mildly surprises the recipient with its thoughtfulness and ingenuity. At www . redpiggifts . com you can find various upscale corporate gifts, although most posted online are not standard tradeshow fare.

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