MANILA, Philippines – An overseas Filipino workers group in the Middle East vowed to refuse sending money to the Philippines as part of its efforts to celebrate President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s birthday on Saturday, April 5.

In a statement, Migrante, an alliance of overseas Filipino workers’ organizations based in the Middle East, said that its gift to Mrs. Arroyo is to make her birthday “Zero Remittance Day.”

“Our not-so-precious gift for Mrs. Arroyo on her 61st birthday is our “Zero Remittance” day, April 5,” John Leonard Monterona, Migrante Middle East regional coordinator, said in a statement.

According to Monterona, the initiative is part of the group’s “BABAY Gloria” (BAgong Bayani AYaw kay Gloria) civil disobedience campaign.

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Way to go Migrante and BABAY Gloria!

Tuklasin nyo ang kapangyarihang nasa mga kamay ninyo, mga OFW. Kaya niyong umpisahan ang isang pagkikilos na ang mismong hindi pagkilos ang tanging nararapat gawin. Civil disobedience, sabi pa nga ni Conrad de Quiros:

In fact, that’s not easier said than done, that’s easier done than said. It’s the hardest thing to make Filipinos do, it’s the easiest thing to make us not do. Which is what disobedience or passive resistance consists of: not doing. It is, as friends of mine suggest, not filing taxes (which still entails the withholding of residual amounts from a corrupt government, notwithstanding that much of your hard-earned pay is already taken from you by withdrawn tax and indirect taxes), not sending (by overseas Filipino workers in particular) of remittances through official sources (the dues and fees from which, as shown by PhilHealth, will be used only to fund the election campaign of administration candidates), being absent en masse from government offices, including the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces (conscientious or conscience-stricken cops and soldiers suddenly being stricken ill on the day they are supposed to bash the heads of demonstrators), and so on. Feel free to pitch in and add to the list.

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OFWs stop sending money on Arroyo’s birthday

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One thought on “OFWs stop sending money on Arroyo’s birthday

  1. I send money to the Philippines but I don’t go through the official channels. I worked hard for my savings and the least I could do is deny a corrupt administration easy access to them.

    OFWs are being treated like cattle. Instead of doubling its efforts to improve the local economy and keep a lot of the OFWs home, it seems that this administration prefers that our workers stay out of the country. We’re paying a high social cost for such short-sighted policy.

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