We’re looking at a quiet Holy Week this year. We will all be staying home this time. No trips outside the city to some cooler place, no long bus ride going up to the city of pines and lounging around the wooden buildings of Camp John Hay whose architecture which remind me of the condominium buildings at the Branson hotels.

But there will be an out of town trip on Tuesday the 18th, as I’ll be going with Sam’s group to Corregidor for the commemoration of the infamous Jabidah Massacre. It will be an early assembly just a few hours after midnight on the 18th to start the bus trip to Bataan and over the water to Corregidor. It will be my first trip back to the island in more than 30 years.

Last time I went to Corregidor was by way of the LT-97, courtesy of a friend of my aunt who just happened to be an army colonel.

I don’t remember much of the trip, just vague memories of having seen the entrances to the tunnels and being told about Battery Way by the tour guide.

It would be good to go there again.

On the road to Corregidor

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2 thoughts on “On the road to Corregidor

  1. Geez, my last trip to Corregidor too was about 30 years ago. It was a day trip sponsored by a professional training class my father had attended. We were also aboard a Philippine Navy ship. Boy, the ship was slow for it took us four hours to reach the island from the South Harbor.

    I do remember touring Battery Way and passing by the Malinta Tunnel in the few hours we were there. The place was not yet fully developed for tourism at the time although it was a nice place to visit. I want to come back someday because military history has always been a personal interest.

    Btw, the Jabidah Massacre matter never got resolved, did it? Ninoy Aquino helped expose it in the Philippine Senate in the early 70s and hearing were conducted. But as far as I can remember, it never got resolved. Hay naku, the evil mind of Marcos. I hope it’s hot as hell where he is right now.

  2. You’re right Panaderos, the Jabidah Massacre has never been resolved. The perpetrators and actual executioners were identified, but they were never brought to justice.

    One of the best reads about this subject is from the website of the Corregidor Historic Society, written by Paul F. Whitman and titled “THE CORREGIDOR MASSACRE – 1968”. My skin crawled when I read the part where he explained why the massacre was planned.

    And not just Marcos, but the officers involved and the actual triggermen. Hotter than hell I hope.

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