Being the wife of a Mason and a PMC Senior DeMolay, I felt obliged to do what I can for the Mossimo controversy—the sale in malls and stores in the Philippines of a t-shirt design sporting a defaced DeMolay emblem on the upper left side.

defaced DeMolay emblem on Mossimo shirt

First I filled up the feedback form available on the Australian Mossimo website (the site has nothing other than the mossimo logo on it). I got an automated reply saying:

Hi Demolay Philippines.

Thanks for submitting feedback to Mossimo!


This message is just an automated response to let you know that we have received your feedback, and a real human being will respond to it soon.

The following text shows what we received from you:
There are shirts with your brand for sale in the Philippines, featuring a bastardation of the DeMolay logo. Please read this blogsite for details


Thank you for your feedback!

Mossimo Feedback System
Sent 24 Jan 2008 16:07

There has, however, been no follow-up from the real human being that they said would respond soon as of this blog post.

Last night I used my wikipedia account to include a short description of the controversy, with a photograph of the offending shirt that Sam found in the DeMolay e-groups. After a few attempts at posting while keeping in mind the guidelines I must adhere to while posting in wikipedia, I managed to post a successful edit, using Jerick A. Gempesaw’s photo of the offending shirt.

This morning, however, I found that my entry had been marked for deletion by one of the editors of wikipedia and had therefore disappeared. Good thing I took a screenshot before I shut down last night. An even better thing is that wikipedia has an undo feature for registered users and contributors, and I could also create a post on the editor’s talk page stating the reason why I undid his edit.

I encourage any DeMolay with an internet connection or at least easy access to an internet connection, to create a wikipedia account and post questions on Talk: Mossimo, the discussion page on wikipedia behind the Mossimo page. Signing up for a wikipedia account is a no-sweat two-step procedure. If you have ever signed up for anything, mailing lists, forums etc, signing up for wikipedia is much easier. Just remember to keep your posts in the discussion page sober, any inflammatory posts will be deleted and will defeat our purpose.

And what is our purpose? Our purpose is to bring this controversy out into the open, where Google and Yahoo and MSN Live Search can spider our entries and make it available to more DeMolays across the Philippines and around the world. Remember that posts in private e-groups are seen only by its members. Mossimo (if indeed anyone from the company is looking) will not see your protests if it is in a private e-group. Only blog posts and public forum posts are spidered by the search engines and eventually become visible in Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search and the like. Even Sam’s post P’mo Mossimo was picked up by the rss reader (ForbesFinder) at

Go DeMolays! Use the power of the internet! This digital pen can be a million times mightier than any sword.

Update: 06 Feb 2008 | 8:20am Manila Time

My update to the Mossimo page on Wikipedia has been removed again, explained by the same editor as follows:

DeMolay vs. Mossimo

Unless and until you provide the slightest evidence (from reliable sources, and yes, blogs don’t count) that

1) the controversy actually exists,
2) the controversy is widely covered and important,
3) important and/or significant enough (as per the undue weight principle) to take up half the text of a very short article,


4) Is written in a neutral, non-weaselly manner

it doesn’t belong and is coming out.

–Calton | Talk 23:57, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

How to get a reliable source? If you know someone at a newspaper with an online presence ( or for instance), let that writer know about this controversy, give him all the details you have including photos you have taken, and ask him to release at least a 3-paragraph article on the sale of these shirts and where they have been found across the country. Once we have that, I can repost my wikipedia article this time with links to that online newspaper article.

Come on, DeMolays—you can do this!

One for the DeMolays (DeMolay vs. Mossimo)

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19 thoughts on “One for the DeMolays (DeMolay vs. Mossimo)

  1. Dear Mom Bambit,

    Thank you for this post. I shall help spread this unacceptable act made by Mossimo so that other members of the Order can find an intellectual remedy to this problem. Perhaps they are not educated well by their management for being “ignorant” on the context of COPYRIGHT.

    Best regards,
    Sheena Pimentel, PHQ
    Bethel #23, IOJD Phiippines

  2. Hello Sheena,

    Would you know if anyone from the Supreme Council has done anything about this? They seem awfully quiet about this matter.

    I have visited your website and I am heartened by the discovery that there are still young people like you who care about our country. Keep writing!

  3. mossimo should know the copyright thing… be original. dont be a copycat…


  4. mossimo is not worthy to carry the seal of a demolay… it is suggested to stop using our good seal…


  5. 😐 You know, the DeMolay emblem is quite precise. I don’t see how this could have been used by others prior to DeMolay being incorporated anywhere! This really should be a matter of copyright infringment.

    I can’t recall an issue like this taking place in either the Jurisdiction of Ohio or Virginia. But as far as calling the shirt a “bastardization” or some kind of desecration of the emblem, I actually find the shirt to be very trendy and desireable. As I’m a 25 year old Senior DeMolay, it actually looks like something I’d like in my wardrobe. And around here, I think its concievable to imagine that I wouldn’t be alone in the matter.

  6. Was anything done about this after it was brought to attention?
    I am curious to see if DeMolay Intnl’ did anything about this,and was the shirts pulled?

    I dont find the shirt to be degrading to our Organization, but its clearly Copyright infringement.

  7. People I know we love to focus on the negatives of this but why not see the positive in that we would have been gaining an amazing amount publicity and exposure if we hadn’t have kicked up a fuss.

  8. Hi Tom, I’m not really sure if you would have had any publicity if we hadn’t kicked up a fuss. No DeMolay in his right counsel would wear the mossimo shirt. Only people who didn’t know anything about DeMolay would wear it, and what kind of publicity would that be?

  9. DeMolay logo should not be use for franchise or trading. Any DeMolay who will see a person wearing it will have an impression that he is a brother of the Order and we do not want anybody to get embarrass when somebody ask him if he is a brother. Yes I agree that the shirt is cool but it is a clear violation of IPR law.

  10. hello mom,

    thanks for this thread…. i also often when somebody use this shirt and not a member of the organization..

  11. i’m shock for this…this is not good…mt. asog chapter and other brothers should know about this…

  12. my son is a member of Demolay and his dad. and this the first time i read this. i will tell my son about it. those people are totally ignorant about Demolay.

  13. legal charges should be filed against Mossimo!

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