Finally visited the Paco Park (when it was open), as part of Sam’s mother’s day treat for me. Didn’t have much time to sit and ruminate under the shade of the old acacia trees because we had Maia the whirling dervish with us, but we did get to walk both the outer and inner circles of the concentric cemetery. And take pictures.

Paco Park Entrance

Paco Park Entrance Archway Detail

Ama and Maia at the Paco Park

Ama and Maia at the Inner Circle of tombs.

View of the Fountain and the Chapel

The Fountain and the Church of St. Pancratius

Maia and Ate Beng at the Inner Circle

Maia and Ate Beng do a Ta-daah! at the Inner Circle Steps

Jose Rizal Tomb Marker

This is the marker that was erected where our National Hero Jose Rizal was first buried after his execution at Bagumbayan Field. If you check out the wikipedia entry on the Paco Park you will see that the photo on that page is of the wrong marker.

Gomburza Memorial

This is the Gomburza Marker, which on the wikipedia entry on Paco Park is mistakenly introduced as the Marker for what used to be the tomb of Jose Rizal.

The Beatiaorium Code?

This is the inscription at the archway of the entrance of the Park. I have Googled for every possible spelling for the first word: beatiaorium, beatiaortum, beatiaortura — it may even be in Latin. What it means is something that escapes me right now, as much as the name John immediately under that word. If there is anyone out there who happens to read this post and can enlighten me, please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Paco Park Redux

  1. Darling, did some research and I think I had broken the code 🙂

    Here goes: the inscription at the archway, is a phrase culled from the vulgate Bible, The Apocalypse of St. John 14 – that’s about the “John”, and is used in the Ordo Sepulturæ Mortuorum (The Order for the Burial of the Dead), that says:
    “Beati mortui qui in domino moriuntur” – roughly translated: Blessed the dead.


    Sam’s last blog post: The Making of an Apprentice

  2. wow, hanep, ampogi talaga ng mahal ko! di ko rin naman akalain na two words pala yung beati mortui …

    good job 🙂

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