One of the best things about an extended weekend when you’re not expecting it is having the time to walk lazily around the Internet and finding really funny and cool stuff. Like the video above. Personally I can consider myself detached since I’m on an Ubuntu machine most weekends. But then again we use Windoze PC’s at work and I am undeniably lusting after a MacBook Pro.

The unexpected extended weekend came when I attempted to check my office email via VPN at 3am yesterday and realized there was no Internet connection at the office. Later in the morning we realized it was the entire Jupiter/Kalayaan/Estrella area that was down, and it stayed down until lunchtime. I stayed home in the morning because we had Internet here, and by the time the office was back online I decided to just continue working where I was because by the time I would get there it would be quitting time anyway.

More free time, more time to surf and blog and perhaps even sort out the snake pit of CAT5e cables here in our home office I keep telling myself to clean up. Or maybe I’ll wait till the Holy Week break to do that … Come on sing with me (to the tune of Carly Simon’s Anticipation) … “Procrastination … procrastina-a-tion is making me late …”

PC vs Mac, South Park Style

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4 thoughts on “PC vs Mac, South Park Style

  1. The funny thing about having extended time is we tend to lessen the pressure per time we place on our work. We procrastinate until a deadline when we already feel the urge to work fast. Often we don’t missed the idea of utilizing pressure free periods to damp work for stressed hours. I just realize this while reading your post. Thank you for the concept.

  2. @ Rommel, been to your blog, wonderful layout you have over there. It was great to have discovered WPP.

    @ wangbu, dropped by your blog too, you have a way with the English language that I find peculiarly piquant.

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