Most gadgeteers will not rest until they have had the latest most recent model of the gadget(s) that they are currently into. I have a few friends who cannot sleep, who sweat cold beads while looking at the website or catalog page of the latest model cellphone or music player, and can only breathe a sigh of content when they have the latest model in their hands.

Around the time when that happens, I hover along the sidelines. This is the time when my friends are ready to dispose of the earlier version gadget and so use the funds from the sale to partly fund the new acquisition. The soon-to-be-disposed-of gadget will now be sold for somewhere between 50-70% of its original price, which to me is just fine, if the gadget comes complete with its box, manuals and other original paraphernalia.

iPod Orange ShuffleThese were more or less the conditions by which Sam now has an iPod Shuffle Orange. My officemate and lunch parter Abi had a friend who wanted to buy Abi’s pre-owned iPod nano 4GB and therefore was selling her iPod Shuffle. Abi was selling hers so she could get the iPod nano 8GB. And so there I was on the sidelines more than happy enough to catch the discarded iPod Shuffle Orange for the same price that I would shell out for a day’s trip to the mall.

So now Sam sits at his computer with his ears wired into his iPod Orange (which he prefers to see as Rust) and when I sit on the table in front of him I will have to wave at him before speaking to him so he can take off the earphones, because he won’t hear me when he’s tuned into CSNY.

I just hope he won’t turn into one of those wired zombies whom I sit beside with on the bus every now and then, who have their iPod Touch turned up so high that I can hear what’s playing through their earphones. On top of that some of them actually start singing along. Imagine your seatmate singing along with Green Day while the bus speakers blare Chris-Tsuper and Nicole-lehiyala on their raucous spiel on Love Radio and you’ll get an idea of how some of my mornings are, on the way to work.

Pre-owned bliss

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  1. When he does, knock him over the head and give it to me. I promise I won’t lose it this time ’round…

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