A couple of co-workers and I regularly eat at the Powerplant Mall basement foodcourt, not because we’re sosyal or anything like that, but because there’s no other place where you’re sure to get properly prepared food especially if you don’t have a cast iron stomach.

Contrary to popular belief you CAN get lunch at the Powerplant for less than seventy pesos. The burger McDo value meal for instance, costs less than sixty pesos, and there are meals at KFC and Jollibee that cost pretty much the same.

However, I’ve picked up a (bad) habit of dropping by the Dunkin Donuts shop for a sweet treat after having lunch. Yeah, I know this is not the way toward quick weight loss, so I make up for it by running up and down the stairs at the office.

Yeah, right. Just recently I saw a bunch of people whom I haven’t seen in at least three years and they all were so surprised about fat I’d become. So I’m looking at myself again in the mirror and wondering how am I going to get all this excess baggage off me?

Not the way to do this

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3 thoughts on “Not the way to do this

  1. Bambit,Here in Korea,Mc Donald,Dunkin Donuts and other fastfood restaurants are closing shops,as more people here are hook on well being food.It’s so strange that in PI fastfoods restaurants are keep on sprouting like mushrooms.You can even find them now in remote towns these days.

  2. @ Tin, if I went away I would miss the walk around the mall as much as the food. Powerplant is a mall you can walk around in without literally bumping into anyone.

    @ ed, you’re right, strange as it may be fastfood is still king in the Philippines, and “well being food” is a fad only the middle and upper class can afford.

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