Wedding InvitationMy young co-worker Leila is getting married in October and her entire family is in the swirl of preparations for the momentous event. The wedding invitations are being designed, the caterers have been selected, Leila herself has picked a gown from a catalog for her chosen dressmaker to fashion out of miles of silk and tulle.

I love looking at young folk when they are swept in preparations such as these. I have looked teary-eyed at young moms-to-be preparing hand made birth announcements. Friends with young families who mail me their holiday photo cards, which is always a surprise, because it feels so different to receive real tangible mail handed over to you with a smile by your old postman.

With the internet came email, then e-cards and e-vites. I didn’t realize how much I missed real envelopes that contained a solid baby shower invitation or a holiday photo card until I got one from my cousin Hilda. She and her husband Exie always sent an update on their family goings-on every Christmas. It’s actually one of the things I look forward to during the holidays, almost as much as I look forward to the noche buena treats.

Real paper, real mail

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2 thoughts on “Real paper, real mail

  1. 😆

    I’ve never thought about that, I keep the cards I get in an old gift box along with a few photographs, but the image that you suggested does bring a smile.

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