Ok, let’s take a ride down memory lane again (old people tend to do that, my young readers) and if you’re below 30 years of age you will probably have no idea what I’m talking about here.

Orange Bic BallpensGrade school, in our time, was measured by the kind of writing material you were required to have. When I was in kindergarten we had big black pencils with soft lead tips, very friendly to five- and six- year old hands. Grade one requirement was the yellow Mongol pencil, No. 1, which I have retained a love for because No 1’s were better to draw with. But in second grade, we were required to write with ballpoint pens. And what ball pens did we have back then?

We had the Bic Ballpen. The orange body ones that had fine points, with their covers telling you what ink color they had. I rather liked the orange Bic until I discovered the crystal Bic. I fell in love with the crystal Bic. After the crystal Bic my writing life was never the same again.

The Crystal Bic in the standard colors

Through the years so many other brands of ink pens came into the market, but none were ever quite like the Crystal Bic. Not the Reynolds and certainly not the Kilometrico. A year or two ago I went into a ballpen buying phase and would hang out at an Office Warehouse outlet or at a National Bookstore branch just trying out pens and buying four or five at a time. Sometimes I’d use them up myself, sometimes I’d hand them off to Sam or to Kuya Maui to use for school.

How about you — what’s your favorite writing implement? Are you very particular with what you write with?

Reminiscing the Bic

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2 thoughts on “Reminiscing the Bic

  1. I was amaze that one time here in Korea my son bought a Bic pen,orange with blue cap very similar to the one I was using during my elementary days.I never thought I will ever see that kind of pen again but I did.I do also miss the 8pieces crayons in a pack as well as that notorius mongol pencil he he he.You know what ,here in Korea they have a museum of their old school supplies,books and all thing related to school in the 60s and 70s. how I wish we could have that kind of museum in PI, where we can see the books we used in the 60s and 70s like “pepe and Pilar”for one, and of course those tables and chairs that we used ,the black board that is really black not green and many more that could make our yesteryears school days more memorable 🙂

  2. Hi Edgar, it would be great if you can post a photo of that museum in Korea on your blog if you have one — it’s sad the way some people see sentimentality as worthless. With sentimentality comes a certain appreciation of the past, of how things looked like and were done during our time. It might help the kids of today to appreciate what they have now.

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