Firefox 3Finally got to install Firefox version 3, but got a scare when I realized all my bookmarks were gone!

But I remembered that Google is my friend and a quick search for “missing bookmarks after firefox 3 upgrade” led me to a few sites that taught me how to get my bookmarks back on this Windows XP laptop.

1. Find your Firefox profile. On Windows, click on Start > Run.

2. Type in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ then click OK. Windows Explorer opens a folder containing your profiles. If you are the only user on your machine chances are you will only find one folder there.

3. Go into that folder and find the file “places.sqlite” You will need to rename this file to “places.sqlite.bak“. It may not work while you have Firefox open, so close Firefox and try again if you get the “file is in use” message.

4. In the same folder find the file “signons3.txt“. This is the file that stores your passwords when you hit “Remember Password” when you are prompted in Firefox. Rename this file to “signons3.txt.bak“.

5. Restart Firefox. Your bookmarks should be back in all its organized beauty.

These same instructions can be found HERE.

One caveat everyone should know is that if you’re a plugin junkie like me, some of your plugins may not work on Firefox 3, so get ready for some withdrawal symptoms if you’re using some that are not compatible with the latest version.

Another thing that bugged me for a few minutes while gazing at the new and really spiffy Firefox 3 is the disappearance of the Back and Next buttons. But since I am always one for tweaking settings and all that, I tried this fix and it worked.

1. On Firefox click on View > Toolbars > Customize.

2. In the window that appears click on the “Restore Default Set” button. Since my only customization at this time was to use small icons this action made the “missing” Back and Next buttons miraculously appear on my toolbar. Click on the Done button to make that window go away.

Results? A faster, spiffier, cleaner Firefox. Now I’m off to find upgrades for my plugins and dell memory for a laptop I’m trying to resurrect. Happy surfing!

Restore Missing Bookmarks after Upgrading to Firefox 3

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10 thoughts on “Restore Missing Bookmarks after Upgrading to Firefox 3

  1. bit of warning, bai, even with all the hype, F3 is still rather buggy and not all of your plugins (if you have a lot) have upgraded versions. But the speed is absolutely amazing.

  2. Hi BlackHatWay, you’ll need to install Password Exporter on your existing version of Firefox, run it so all your passwords are saved, and then do the firefox upgrade. After you’ve upgraded, run the Password Exporter to import your saved passwords.

    Just to be on the safe side. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit.

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