Reviews from far and wide seem to agree that Righteous Kill was a right disappointment. I’m not about to disagree with them.

Indeed I was quite surprised to find a torrent of the movie online around the same time it opened in Manila. It takes around 3 to 6 months for a top rated movie to appear on the torrent sites. This is because the good uploaders wait for the DVD release of the movie to rip and upload. Finding Righteous Kill online so soon meant that my favorite movie critic, James Berardinelli, was right: “The script and direction are what one might expect from any of a number of similarly written productions that bypass theaters on the expressway to cable and/or DVD.”

I was grateful to have escaped making it the bi-monthly payday night out, Sam and I were about to catch it in one of the theaters at the Mall of Asia when it was first shown. We had visitors that night, and so we postponed our date. Later that night while browsing my suking torrent sites, there it was.

Less than twenty-four hours later I had burnt it on a home made DVD and Sam and I watched it that night. Like RollingStone Magazine said, Bob and Al were “like two Gullivers slumming with the Lilliputians”. It seemed like Donnie Whalberg and John Leguizamo and Carla Gugino and Brian Dennehy were all there because they thought working with de Niro and Pacino was an opportunity devoutly to be wished. The sad thing was even de Niro and Pacino made no effort at all to be larger than life the way the young Vito Corleone and his eventual son Michael Corleone had been. A large part of this can probably be blamed on the script that had fewer twists and turns than a tightrope.

I wanted Frank Slade and Max Cady but all I got were Bob and Al, hanging out with the kids. Not very encouraging, especially after having seen Al Pacino in 88 Minutes (another disappointment) and having had enough of Meet the Parents/Fockers where I’m sure Robert de Niro had a good time. I bet he had a better time playing Fearless Leader in Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Well, I guess my copy of Righteous Kill will be one of the DVD’s that will stay in the CD album undisturbed for a very long time.

The Bob and Al Show

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