I first fell in love with Robert Downey Jr in Heart and Souls, where he had a coterie of souls with unfinished businesses as his guardian angels. I almost drooled over our t.v. set when I saw him sing with Sting in Ally McBeal. He made deadpan hilarious in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and now Robert Downey Jr. is Ironman.

So while some people may think that Robert Downey Jr may be too old to be playing a superhero, I think he fits the bill just fine. This is probably going to be the movie I wouldn’t mind spending a bit to see in a real movie house next month. Oh and yes I am going to buy the DVD as well.

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

I’m sure you’ve all seen this trailer before, but I couldn’t resist.

Other links I found while looking for photos of Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman are:

There, that should keep any Ironman fan like me happy for hours.

Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. is Ironman

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4 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. is Ironman

  1. i’m so glad downey got a break. such a waste of God-given talent! he was amazing in chaplin. and charming and effective in ally mcbeal. but he keeps blowing his chances! i hope he’s back for good this time. 😯

  2. He’s better for the role considering his own history and how it parallels with Tony Stark’s attitude and persona.


  3. hi dr_clairbear, i agree. after all the depressing news about his life this comes as a welcome and deserved break for sucn a great actor.

    Ozy, let me know if you’ve seen it. I should think it will live up to my expectations, but then again anything can happen.

  4. I’ll only see it mid May, but from what my friends have say, and I quote, “OMFG OMFG OMFG Ironman WAS AWESOME!!!! You haven’t seen it yet? LOSER!”

    So… there :p

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